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  • Padideh Estakhr services

    Padideh Estakhr services

    -To design and implement pool and spa professionally -+to design, sell and implement both construction and industrial HVAC cooling and heating systems -floor heating - hydraulic systems balance - to design and implement high quality projects such as residential, villa and public on pool, sauna, Turkish bath, ultrasound sauna, Jacuzzi, water therapy pool, water parks. - endless pools and pool over the roof and dangle.
  • Padideh Estakhr purposes

    Padideh Estakhr purposes

    padideh Estakhr in addition to following valuable activities tries to take a small step to develop and transfer gifted knowledge to other citizens as article, seminar, book, teaching etc. Even this causes to progress our competitors.
  • Padideh Estakhr introduction

    Padideh Estakhr introduction

    padideh Estakhr is of expert and young team from designing pool, sauna, Jacuzzi... to start up and maintenance included experienced and trained executors. Obtaining innovation, expertise, experience and customers trust we could have planned, implemented and started more than 1000 projects till now. Equipment used by Estakhr padideh are very effective in correct operation and the projects life time. So, padideh Estakhr uses the highest quality and efficiency in it's projects.

Why PadidehEstakhr?

Having a pool, Jacuzzi and sauna without technical problem and high quality requires a valid company which has plan for all parts from designing to maintenance and services after selling and professional labor force proportional to each part near itself. Achieving welfare and avoiding any problem, it is better to select a company able to do ten steps as following:

Central offices



 Management of Mr. Maysam Jalali Management of Mr. Maysam Jalali

no.9, floor 4, Marjan complex, 252 number, BaharShomali street, Taleghani street, Tehran, Iran

021-88495145 - 021-88495143



 Management of Mr. Engineer Amin Mohkami Management of Mr. Engineer Amin Mohkami

no. 10, floor 4, Sarmast complex, Amir Kabir blv. No. 22, Shiraz, Iran


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